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You care about your customers and the communities in which you work

You are a company that wants to communicate your commitment to social responsibility. You know that an increasing numbers of consumers are factoring values as well as value into their purchasing decisions. As customers become more educated about the sometimes deleterious environmental and human impacts of their consumption, companies that act with authenticity and care will be those to whom customers and shareholders will gravitate.

We can help your competitive advantage

Companies that can best illustrate and model the attributes that their customers care about, will be those who end up with a competitive advantage. We can help you communicate your commitment to social responsibility through the following:

– Brand content (web copy, corporate communications and media copy) around your corporate social responsibility policies
– Strategies and policies on Indigenous Reconciliation Plans
– Briefings and analysis on emerging human rights and sustainable business practices
– Speech writing
– Inquiry submission writing
– Background briefings on government inquiries and relevant legislation

We understand the issues your customers care about

With long backgrounds in public policy and human rights law, we know a lot about the sort of issues your customers have feelings about. You care about the people and the environments you source from, and we have know-how to explain what that means and why it matters.

Research into consumer attitudes shows that growing numbers of people are embracing attitudes that make the world a better place. Brand attributes such as social responsibility, kindness and empathy, are increasing in importance. Yet socially responsible consumption is an embryonic skill for many people. While they want to be more ethical in their shopping behaviour, they don’t yet have the skills to judge and evaluate what it means. For example,what is a ‘fair wage’ vs a ‘living wage’ and why does it matter? How does a company’s adherence to human rights make a difference in the life of the person who sewed their shirt? How do you frame a plan around your commitment to indigenous Australians? We can help you construct and communicate your policies.

Our experience

We have many years working in Federal and State governments in Australia and New Zealand. Our experience in the corporate world and in the not-for-profit sector spans Cambodia, East Timor, the United Kingdom, New Zealand and Australia. Our education has been earned across Australia, New Zealand and the United States. This give us a unique and fresh perspective.